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Lake Bunyonyi to Get Ferry Next Year

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8 Nov

Lake Bunyonyi to Get Ferry Next Year

David Bahati the State Minister of Planning has revealed government plans to procure a ferry to ply Lake Bunyonyi in South Western Uganda.

The ferry, which will be purchased in financial year 2019/20 is hoped to ease transport on this lake which said  to be the second deepest in Africa.

Bahati who is also the Ndorwa West MP in Kabale district says this is a fulfillment of President Yoweri Museveni’s 2016 campaign promise to the people of Rubanda and Kabale who share lake the lake.

Lake Bunyonyi has often been a death trap to especially school going children who have to cross it on a daily basis on dangerous wooden canoes.

In addition to the ferry, Bahati revealed that in the financial year 2019/20 government is to tarmac the two tourism roads along Lake Bunyonyi which are Kabale – Lake Bunyonyi road and the Katuna-Muko road in Rubanda district.

He also said that two Health Centre IIs in Ndorwa West are to be elevated to Health Center IIIs, namely; Kitooma health centre and Buramba health centre.

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